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One member of the Forum Nokia Innovation Network is based in Aalborg, Denmark. Aalborg University (AAU) is known world wide for its research in the wireless and mobile domain. The “Mobile Device Group” is located on campus of the Aalborg University and managed by Dr. Frank H.P. Fitzek. The group is creating value in terms of IPRs, licensed mobile applications, and standardization input.  


Areas of Expertise

The mobile device group is focusing mainly on wireless and mobile connectivity issues. One main focus is the energy saving potential for the mobile platform. Furthermore, new concepts such as cross layer protocol design, active networking, and network coding are implemented on S60 devices to prove their feasibility. Also the convergence of mobile device with wireless sensor boards is of interest to build up contextual information for the device. Some of those ideas are published in three books by Springer.


Current Research Areas

  • Cooperative Wireless Networks
  • Cognitive Wireless Networks
  • Energy Savings for Wireless Networks
  • Location Based Services and Retrival
  • Convergence of Mobile Device and Sensors
  • Cross Layer Protocol Design
  • Mobile Social Networks



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